The Legacy Scholarship Application

The Legacy Scholarship was established in 2016 to provide scholarship opportunities for students enrolling in post-secondary education.
Please find the full details and frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) of the Legacy Scholarship here.

Applicants must be college-bound and college students. One scholarship will be awarded to a graduate student and one to a community member. Application materials must be uploaded through the form below or submitted in one packet via mail to:

Legacy Scholarship Committee,
211 Columbia St,
Cambridge, MA 02139

An essay explaining financial need is required along with a description of academic and non-academic achievements. Acceptance letter(s), Transcripts and letter(s) of recommendation(s) should not be sent separate from the application. Incomplete and late applications will not be considered by the Legacy Scholars Committee. Apply via mail or at our Legacy Scholarship form below

Please find the LegacyScholarship Application form here and the submission form below should you chose to submit it via the website.

Application material must be submitted via our website below or mailed in one packet with all supporting documents by September 26, 2016.
Please note the website does not cache your answers. It is advised if submitting through the website that you first type up your responses elsewhere and copy and paste them into the form below. If you encounter issues submitting the application please use try the Chrome browser or email the FHCLegacyScholarship team for assistance.

FHC Legacy Scholarship Application Form

Full Legal Name


Permanent Address

Date of Birth e.g. 2000-04-08

Telephone / Cell #

Your Email


College/University Address

1. Please list your extracurricular, community, employment, church, or other related activities in order of importance to you. Indicate the dates you participated, the role you held and time on each activity. (required)

2. List any significant recognition (awards or honors) you have received during your college-bound or college years for academic and non-academic achievement (ACT/SAT scores are welcome, but not required). (required)

3. Essay: Please write an essay (500 words maximum) explaining your financial need and why you believe you should be selected for one of the Legacy Scholarship Awards. (required)

4. Please ask two individuals (non-relatives, one outside of FHC) who know you well to submit a letter of recommendation. List each name below on separate lines (required)

Upload a copy of your Acceptance Letter (PDF or Word document)

Upload copy of your official transcript (PDF or Word document)

Upload full application or additional documents (ZIP file)

We recommend that you keep copies of your application materials for your records. Semi-finalists will be contacted for an interview and winners will be announced on First Holiness Church website and in person by November 2016.